Why Brad Weil


Attorney Brad Weil was sworn into the California bar in June of 2009; He has been a practicing attorney for a little over five years and he pretty much exclusively handle 275 bankruptcy cases so far.

Attorney Brad Weil has a master’s degree in intellectual property. He originally went to law school to basically become an entertainment lawyer. He was going to do trademarks, copyrights and sound tracks.

Attorney Brad Weil got out of law school in 2008 and did a one-year LL.M. program, which is a legal masters.

According to Attorney Brad Weil “if we’re going to protect the multi-million dollar, multi-billion dollar institutions that are taking advantage of the American people, we’ve got to protect the individual. And that’s when I discovered bankruptcy which, in my opinion, is the one of the most powerful tools against the banks as an individual that you can use. And I just frankly fell in love with it”

Attorney Brad Weil never took a bankruptcy class in law school and he never thought about it. But that’s just the timing of when he started practicing, and that’s what he could get a job doing when he got out of law school, because bankruptcy filing was very popular.