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Does Bankruptcy Protect Income From Employment?

One problem that people face when they’re considering bankruptcy is a concern about wage garnishment. That’s why one of the reassuring aspects of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the protection it offers in regard to being sued or having wages garnished. When you file the bankruptcy, an automatic stay is enforced. It stops all legal action against you — in effect acting like a preliminary injunction against the collection of a debt.

Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Possible For Retirees?

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy — and actually qualifying for it at the end of the process — is not automatic. One important determining factor is your disposable income. The court must be confident that eventually you’ll be able to pay back your creditors. That means that we have to add up all of your regularly incurred monthly expenses. Your total income must be greater than your expenses with some left over — that left over amount is your disposable income.