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Can I Enforce a Default Judgment for Fraud in A Bankruptcy Court?

If the debts were incurred before you filed the Chapter 7 BK and you did not reaffirm them then they are discharged and you do not have to pay them.

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Is There Any State that Allows You Not to Show up To Court in A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The only way for one of you to show up is for only one of you to file.

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Marriage and Debt Indemnity

If you were married during your husband’s bankruptcy and you are still married now your community assets are protected by his discharge.

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My Lawyer Botched My Chapter 13 and Second Mortgage Stripping Case. the LAM Motion Was Never Filed.

File the LAM motion (or motion to value depending on your judge) right away.

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Don’t Notarize Your Documents

You do not need to have the amended paperwork notarized.

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