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A Court Appointed Trustee Scrutinizes the Income and Regulates the Expenditure

Sept. 28, 2017

What Are Some Other Barriers that Someone Is Going to Be Facing if They Try to Go at This on Their Own?

We have spoken about some of the issues before. Here is more information.

The trustee is responsible for overseeing the bankruptcy. They will scrutinize the income and the expenses. If somebody has tried to make their expenses more liberal, the trustee is going to shoot that down. If they don’t know, for example, that they are supposed to serve the bankruptcy plan on all their creditors and file a proof of service 28 days before a 3:41 hearing, no-one is going to advise them of that. And if they don’t do it and do it correctly, the case can be dismissed for lack of due process. An attorney will know that and will know how to proceed properly so that the case moves along instead of stalling