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It is Advisable to Consult with an Attorney Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

Oct. 6, 2016

Interviewer: Before they make their decision to go and file bankruptcy, could someone consult you first in order to help them make their decision?

Brad Weil: Actually, we encourage that. The way that we do it is for us, it’s a three-step process. Now, the first step is the free initial consultation. And in the initial consultation, what I do is I sit down with the client or the husband and wife, considering an individual or a couple, and I explain the difference between the Chapter 7 and the Chapter 13. I don’t usually get into the 11 unless I see that that’s the only thing that person qualifies for, I like to keep people out of the Chapter 11 because they’re expensive. But we break down the difference and I break down why I would recommend one over the other.