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My Strengths As A Bankruptcy Attorney

Dec. 4, 2017

We pride ourselves on the individual attention we give each and every client and each and every case. I personally will sit down with you at the initial consultation and answer al of your questions. We will go over your credit report together. We provide a copy of your credit report as part of our fees. We also provide the credit counseling classes you are required to take, again as part of our fees — we don’t charge extra for that.

In regard to your debts, I will personally sit down you and review all of them with you. Very importantly, I will review all of your assets with you and make sure they are properly exempted. I’ll review your income and your paycheck stubs. We’ll review your expenses together and create a budget and try to get you back on track with your budgeting.

In terms of the logistics involved, I will file your case for you myself. We are available by phone 24/7. There’s always a live person available to answer the phone. If I am personally unavailable they will take a message or they will forward your call to my cell phone if it’s an emergency.

I personally go to court with you. You won’t be by yourself when you go to court. No matter long you’ve been a client, or even if you’re a former client, you can always call me. Feel free to ask me for advice or ask me for help. If I can answer a question, if I can help you, I will make myself available to you. We pride ourselves on that personal touch.