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When an Individual Files Bankruptcy, the Call of Interest Stops

Oct. 27, 2016

When you file that bankruptcy, that stops a call of interest.

and you just pay what you are liable to do the filing and you can pay that off over a 5 year period. So, then you know that what the trustee is paying on that debt goes to principal and it’s paid off in 5 years or in 2 years or 3 years or whatever and you’re done. Now, if you’re proposing less than 100 per cent plan, which means you’re not going to pay all of your creditors anything that you owe, you’re going to pay, say, 50 cents on the dollar. Then, the minimum plan you can propose is a 3-year plan. And if you’re, what we call, an above median debtor, which means your income is about median income for your stay, then you have to propose a 5-year plan, they won’t let you propose a 3-year plan.