Where can I find a good foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles?

What should a person look for to find a good foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles?

You need a good foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles If your home is in or about to be in foreclosure. And a good foreclosure lawyer in Los Angeles will help you in exploring all of your options. Good foreclosure attorneys in Los Angeles should provide you with a free consultation and if you hire them they should provide you with a written contract that tells you exactly what they are going to do for you.

A good attorney analyzes the facts surrounding a client’s financial situation and appropriately advises as to which approach is most feasible. Knowing the end result or consequences of any action before it is taken can prevent problems later on, so obviously It is advisable to consult with an attorney regarding foreclosure.

Don’t wait and hope

Act immediately on a foreclosure notice while you have options. If you wait to act, you may lose precious time in exercising your options.

A Chapter 13 is an effective method to stop foreclosure and save a home

If you go through a Chapter 13 and you owe a tax liability, you are actually going to pay it back through the Chapter 13.  So, by the end of the Chapter 13, you will get it discharged and you won’t owe the tax liability anymore.  The IRS cannot come back after the bankruptcy and tell you that they are “still here,” which can happen in a Chapter 7.  If you don’t obtain the right advice and take the proper action, you can still face tax liability. 

Foreclosure considerations require the expertise of a good foreclosure attorney

We pride ourselves in being effective foreclosure attorneys. We use a three-step process.  The first step is the free initial consultation.  And in that initial consultation, we sit down with the client or the husband and wife, considering an individual or a couple, and explain the difference between the options. And we may be considering Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. You may have heard about Chapter 11, but we usually avoid getting into the Chapter 11 unless we see that as the only option available. We prefer to keep people out of the Chapter 11 because it is an expensive option.  But during the initial consultation, we break down the difference and advise why one option is recommended over the other. 

Reviewing all of the options is critical to the process

We may look at a person’s income, look at their debts and say that there is no point in doing a Chapter 13; a Chapter 7 is preferred.  Sometimes, the person comes in wanting to do a Chapter 13, and we ask, if they understand the difference?  Once we are comfortable that they understand the difference, then we retain them on 13. People, if they have done their research before they come in, often have made up their mind on a Chapter 7.  We might recommend Chapter 13 as a better option than a Chapter 7 and sometimes, but If that is their preference, we would go ahead with the Chapter 7 if they otherwise qualify for it.

If you feel you have been ripped off by a foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles, be sure to call the Law Offices of Brad Weil we can help you with your foreclosure and might be able to get you some money back as well. (310) 515-7799