Don't Stay Buried Under Your Debt

Turn to a Bankruptcy Professional

I was in desperate need of help with a foreclosure i was going through and had no idea where to turn too .. one day i checked my mailbox and his services were in the mail .. i took it i called made an appointment and i filed bankruptcy. Saved my house and did a lot other things for me . Brad helped with so much .. i made sure my monthly payments were on time. I went through some struggles .. but i will say i made the right decision with brad and his office .. after struggling a while and doing these payments life started to turn around for me and for the better .. i made another bold move and a little after 11 months paid off my 53k bankruptcy and now I'm almost cleared from everything .. brad did an amazing job and i would refer him to anyone ... great job brad and office team .. especially to Vanessa . She's great too ...

Laura Ann

Brad was there to help me through the whole bankruptcy process. He was so supportive and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend him to a friend. My experience was really fast and easy.

Chelsey Peck